Booking information

Please read and agree to the following rules to continue.

Payment is taken in-store before play.

  • Please show up 5 to 10 minutes early to ensure we can get you in on time for your reservation. Booking that are 5 minutes late may lose their reserved time if booths are needed for walk-ins.

  • The minimum age for all participants (players) is 8. While VR is fun for younger audiences, it can be a more mature experience, as well as our headsets may be too large to fit comfortably.

  • Our VR Station experience admits up to 3 people. This includes both players and spectators. If you plan to have more than 3 people, including spectators, you will need to book more than 1 booth.

  • Each booth includes 1 headset for 1 player and 2 seats for spectators. You may swap players as much as you'd like at the cost of your own time.

  • If you would like more than one person to play at a time, you would need to book more than 1 booth.

  • The Solo booth experiences are for 1 player and cannot be shared or swapped during your time.